In collaboration with Savoir Collab, we introduce you to:

Jillian Sassone

Marrow Fine Jewelry

One Paseo
3665 Caminito Court
Suite 720
San Diego, CA 92130


IG: @marrowfine_


What is the name of your business and what type of business is it? How long have you been in business and who is your ideal client?

Marrow Fine Jewelry.  We started her a little over three years ago and we have a line of fine jewelry and specialize in reimagining heirloom stones into new pieces that represent the style of our Marrow babes.  Our ideal client is someone who loves jewelry, has a quality over quantity mindset, wants something a little different than what her friends may have, and knows her style!


So you’re a mompreneur, eh? How old are your children and what are their names?

4 (August Rose) & 6 (Gemma Grace)!


Speaking of momming and being an entrepreneur, what would you say is the most challenging thing about being a working mama? What is the most rewarding?

Finding the magical balance of it all.  Time for the kids, for the business, for friends & family and self care.  I feel like in the beginning I was letting the self care thing slip, but I’m trying to do a better job of carving out time to walk on the beach or catch up with a friend.  I’m better at wearing all of these different hats when I take a moment to fill myself back up physically, spiritually and emotionally. I think it’s rewarding to realize that you can have it all!  I might have to ask for help a lot more than I’ve been accustomed to, but it’s liberating to see that the brand can flourish once I gave up owning every little piece of it. Our team is amazing and they’ve made every process better and it’s a lot more fun to do it all with a group of people you love spending time with.  I’m lucky I get to do Marrow with my husband as well… he is the best partner you could ever hope for. We’re having a ball learning and growing together as the company continues to grow!


A #SAVOIRMompreneur is  seasoned, refined, confident, graceful and intuitive. What does this look like in your everyday life? 

Trust your instincts!!!  As your business grows, you’ll have a lot more decisions to make and people in your ear making recommendations.  It’s great to have people you trust to bounce ideas off of, but in the end only you truly knows what is right for your brand!  I mean Marrow is like my 3rd child and I think of her that way. And moms always know what their babes need, right? ❤️❤️


9What’s your best advice to female business owners looking to start and/or grow a family?

I think you just have to jump in!  There is never going to be a perfect time. I was fortunate to have a really supportive partner.  I started Marrow while I had a full time corporate job so I only had time to work on her once the kids were asleep.  I think if the passion is there, others will feel it and your business will keep growing. As you become a mom and your family grows, the right people will come into your life to support you.  You really can do both!