I’m a California girl who found a piece of my heart in Harlem, New York where I lived for 13 years before relocating back to Los Angeles in 2016. The Big Apple is still just as much my home, as it is where I began my career in education and later, as a photographer. Along the way, I married a ride-or-die New Yorker and convinced him to move west. Now with our two young daughters, we spend time in both cities making that bi-coastal life pop! I’m an avid traveler (36 countries and counting!) who believes life is meant to be experienced and more importantly, shared. My photography has been featured in The New York Times, Essence Magazine and Cup of Jo, among others.

My daughter’s infectious laugh, spring in Harlem, and a birdseye view over the desert from an airplane’s window seat, are just a few of the things that inspire me. It’s these candid but ethereal moments that I strive to capture in my work as a photographer – the simple beauty of life –capturing life’s fleeting moments to be celebrated forever.

I trained in New York City at The International Center of Photography (ICP) in film and soon after became faculty as a darkroom instructor. With a background in film, I believe in finding the raw nature of capturing life as it is happening. While I shoot my portraits in digital, a timeless and natural approach will always be a part of my aesthetic.  See me working here or read more about me here

My many years in education led me to parlay my creativity and passion into my photography careernow, I pride myself on working naturally and easily with children and families. In between airplane rides, I love exploring the hidden gems of both of my cities, searching for the best flea markets and basking under the sun.

Having grown up Jewish and Filipino (Jewpino!), my life is full of rich colors and vibrant traditions that I work to showcase through my work. My creative process is collaborative and I believe that beauty is far from monolithic. If you have seen or read something that resonates with you here, please send me a note so we can find a way to work together.