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Haely White

Like Totally & Don’t Call Me Mommy

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What is the name of your business and what type of business is it? How long have you been in business and who is your ideal client?

Like Totally & Don’t Call Me Mommy. Both brands are different umbrellas that I create content under.

Like Totally is for a millennial audience and we’re currently selling digital comedic content (some branded) and half hour TV shows. Don’t Call Me Mommy is in the mom vertical and primarily digital.

Our ideal client is someone who wants to have fun with advertising their product or a digital channel or outlet looking for original scripted comedy.

On the TV side, our ideal client would be Amazon, Hulu, Comedy Central, HBO, Netflix… you get the idea. 😉


So you’re a mompreneur, eh? How old are your children and what are their names?

I just have one so far! His name is Carter. He’s almost 2. Lord help me.


Speaking of momming and being an entrepreneur, what would you say is the most challenging thing about being a working mama? What is the most rewarding?

Running out of wine and lack of sleep are probably the most challenging thing. And feeling like no matter where I give my energy it’s taking away from the other side.

When I’m not with my son I worry I’m not giving enough to him, and vice versa with work. I think it’s a common lament with working moms. You want to be able to clone yourself. Too bad we can’t, but hey maybe soon ‘cause #science!

The good thing is rewarding stuff definitely outweighs the challenges. It’s that moment you walk in the door and they coming running into your arms and plant a slobbery kiss of your face. It’s also nice because I feel like I’m really efficient now. I should have rented a baby earlier just for the time management help! Wait is that a great business idea? Baby Rentals for Time Management! You heard it here first.

I get more done now before 10AM than I used to all day. Where you put your time matters, so the upside is there isn’t much time for BS or things that waste your energy.


A #SAVOIRMompreneur is  seasoned, refined, confident, graceful and intuitive. What does this look like in your everyday life?

I read “graceful” and got a little worried. Physically, I am the least graceful human on the planet. I’ve spilled all the things! On myself and nearly everyone I ever waited on.

PS- Waitressing is a terrible job for a klutz… thank God I found my calling.  

Those words represent a woman who lives with integrity. She shows up for the people she loves and the things she believes in. It looks like being a good wife and mama on the days you’re exhausted. It looks like being reliable friend and business partner. It’s a woman who keeps her word, works hard for her dreams, and puts her money where her mouth is.

Ultimately, confidence is about knowing your worth and demanding it. I think true confidence allows you to be comfortable being vulnerable, which is how we connect to each other. It’s okay to admit you’re flawed. Good thing we all all!

In an era where few people are really talking about values, I want to make it priority to talk to my son about kindness, empathy, forgiveness, thoughtfulness, etc.  And that translates in my business, too. I always get a good gut feeling about the people in my life and getting older means I’m more comfortable listening to that. It hasn’t been wrong yet. Except for all the Chil-fil-a I crave which is another story.


What’s your best advice to female business owners looking to start and/or grow a family?

I think the most important thing is having a structure that works for you. It really comes down to having the right help— a family member, partner or even a nanny— you just can’t do it alone.

Even though you think you can, if you can find places to relinquish some control, it will make everything better. Easier said than done!


If readers want to find you after reading this interview, where is the best place to do that? 

You can watch my digital series at & find me at

And if you’re on the ‘gram: @haelywhite, @like_totally & @dontcallmemommy.

I’m also launching a workshop this summer aimed to help entrepreneurs create a brand bio that sells, so stay tuned for that!

And for all the mamas out there: Watch my digital series, Sh*t No One Told You, on’s Facebook. You can find it via @dontcallmemommy.

Thanks! XO