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Heather Brooker

Company Motherhood in Hollywood




What is the name of your business and what type of business is it? How long have you been in business and who is your ideal client?

Motherhood in Hollywood is a podcast and website that features interviews with celebrities, producers, and other influencers in the entertainment industry as they pursue their dreams while balancing motherhood.


So you’re a mompreneur, eh? How old are your children and what are their names?

My daughter Channing is 5.


Speaking of momming and being an entrepreneur, what would you say is the most challenging thing about being a working mama? What is the most rewarding?

The most challenging thing is time management. Since I mostly work from home,I have to make sure I’m spending time with her and not entirely focused on my work. It’s hard to jump on the trampoline when you know you have a stack of emails to return that could help you pay the bills. So I look for a balance of time. And I don’t let myself feel guilty for having to work. I think it’s important that women know they can work and their kids won’t suffer because of it.


A #SAVOIRMompreneur is  seasoned, refined, confident, graceful and intuitive. What does this look like in your everyday life? 

The one word that resonates with me here is confidence. I have a ridiculous amount of confidence and am so proud of what I’ve created. I want to share it with the world. Every day I take risks and try  new things because I have the confidence to do it. And if by seasoned you mean old mom, then that’s me! I am definitely seasoned but that’s what gives me the ability to be graceful and intuitive.


What’s your best advice to female business owners looking to start and/or grow a family?

One of our biggest fears before having kids was if we would be financially ready to provide. I imagine this is a fear a lot of potential parents have. We waited a really long time before we had our daughter because we were afraid we couldn’t provide for her. I was also afraid it would affect my work and freedom which it absolutely does but in the best way possible. My daughter makes me more creative and efficient with my time. She has made me a more focused creator and determined business woman. So I would say to women looking to start a family, plan and prepare as much as you can so you can have peace of mind when the time comes. But know that you’ll never be able to plan for everything so plan to be flexible and take the leap of family if you really want to start a family.


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