A while back I blogged about first looks, and my clients loved it. Today we are chit chatting about the groom’s attire.

Weddings are chance for couples to share their personal taste in fashion, music, and trends with the guest list of their dreams. With that said, many clients don’t spend nearly enough time styling the groom so he is also as ready for the spotlight as his partner. PRINCETON-WEDDING_1

Are you classic, dapper, hipster, or black tie? Are you playful, serious. or easy going? And most importantly where are you getting married? A church? The beach? An outdoor rooftop? Under a willow tree?  All of these small details of your wedding help tell a story of who you are. Ladies have Rent the Runway  when they are considering what to wear for a special event. Now gents, get ready. You have The Black Tux, available for prom, wedding and special events.


Finding the right look for your big day can be tricky. The Black Tux is a super resource for men on their wedding day so they not only feel good but look good too. Until now, men have never thought about renting the right suit or tuxedo for their event but it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Learn more HERE.

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