Carrie and I used to work together a few moons ago when I first went freelance. While I was planning to leave my teaching job to do photo full-time, my then assistant, Katie, told me her best friend (Carrie) had just returned to NYC from the Bay and was in need of immediate work. Naturally, I took Carrie for coffee and the rest is history. She worked as my studio manager in NYC for 2 years and during that time we bonded over urban gardening (or the ONE sunflower that blossomed on my terrace while I was on vacation!),  dating tales, being California girls and having fathers who are not well. We are also only children so there was definitely fate in our meeting!

Like all amazing employees, Carrie eventually found full-time work and moved on, yet we still made time for our friendship. We had actually planned on going to Beyonce hip hop class (it’s the if you haven’t tried it yet) but it was unexpectedly cancelled so we found our nearest watering hole before she went on her second date with a dude she had met on the internet. Low and behold, that dude turned out to be her match!

Rob and Carrie became fast friends and were engaged on a dream trip to Ireland Scotland last year. Their July wedding will be in Carrie’s old Bay Area stomping grounds and I couldn’t be more honored to be asked to shoot it. Congrats to Rob + Carrie.